Benefits of Codex

Codex helps engineers and technical writers

User Manual on Smartphone

Codex Help on a Smartphone: Authored with Codex
and published with Oxygen XML Author

Benefits for Engineers

For engineers who write documentation with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Adobe InDesign, or any other word processing or desktop publishing application, moving to Codex can help you create better documentation, in less time, and for lower cost.

Better Documentation

Cost-effectively publish your documentation on the Web for easy access on smart phones and tablets, in addition to publishing traditional user manuals and PDFs, all from a single source.

Make your documentation accessible from Google searches, and track documentation usage with Google Analytics.

Save Time

Minimize the time you spend writing and updating documentation by sharing content between multiple documents, and eliminating manual formatting of text.

Minimize Costs

Minimize localization costs by sharing content between multiple documents and only translating updated content. Reduce or eliminate printing costs by delivering docs on the Web instead of as user manuals.

Benefits for Technical Writers

For technical writers who use DITA, Codex enables your subject matter experts (SMEs) to directly author and edit DITA content, eliminating the need to copy and paste SME-authored content into your DITA editor.